7 Chakra Sage Stick

7 Chakra Sage Stick

Sage bundle has a plethora of benefits.

1. It’s an Air Purifier, with Antimicrobal properties.
2. Can relieve pet odors.
3. It can be a spiritual tool to connect to the spiritual realm.
4. Dispels NEGATIVE energy!
5. Cleanses and empowers specific items.
6. Improve your mood.
7. Vibrate to a higher frequency.

How to Prepare: Before you Burn your Sage set your intentions. Leave a door or window open. I prefer the back door, so the negative energy can leave out the back. 

How to burn your Sage stick: Light the end of the Sage bundle. Direct the smoke towards your body or item. Let the ash collect in a ceramic bowl.

A Sage bundle has many good benefits.